The Oatmeal Diet

What is the Oatmeal Diet?

tape measure for dietThe oatmeal diet is a general term referring to any type of diet that uses oatmeal to facilitate weight loss. Many variations of the oatmeal diet can be found online, none of which appear to stand out as the standard, or “original.” It is clear, though, that this type of diet is not for people looking to lose weight quickly.  It is a long-term commitment than can potentially help a person lose weight, and lead to more nutritious meals in the process.

Does the oatmeal diet work?

Like any type of diet that can help a person lose weight, the oatmeal diet will work if it can help a person eat fewer calories. Consuming oatmeal will make a person feel full due to the fiber content and complex carbohydrates in the oats. Steel cut oats, in particular, take longer to digest, so that full feeling lasts even longer. So naturally, feeling full for a longer period of time will lead to a lower calorie consumption. So it absolutely makes sense that oatmeal can help a person lose weight!

But that doesn’t mean that I advocate for the oatmeal diet.  I eat a bowl of plain steel cut oats every weekday for breakfast, and it has done wonders for my health. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, keeping blood sugar low, and preventing morning jitters that I get if I eat sugar-laden breakfast items. This works for me.

Many of the oatmeal diet variations that I read about seem too extreme.  Too extreme in the sense that they may call for eating only oatmeal for a period of time, or for eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I am not a dietician, but this seems like it could be deficient in some ways, or incredibly complex (counting calories, nutrients, etc.) to prevent it from being deficient!  Not to mention–BORING! My mission is always to seek simplicity and practicality, and an oatmeal diet doesn’t fit the bill.